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Gimmie Hackathon Winners

A week ago, we organized the First Online Hackathon sponsored by our friends at GimmieWorld.com

They put a challenge: 48 hours to create an iOS game. And also a great prize: XBOX360, mentoring from Jason Citron (founder of Openfeint) and Roy Liu (Lead Mobile Developer for Plants v Zombies) and tickets to present the game at the Pre GDC Mobile Mixer event.

Francisco Ceruti and John Detloff created “Shoot N’ Duck” and won the Hackathon out of this cartoonish mock up:

And hacked this amazing game:

We want to thank John and Francisco for participating. And also to Gimmie for sponsoring this hackathon.

(Source: gimmieworld.com)

'Automating Hackathons' by @hermioneway

Hello World

Hey everyone, my name is Diego Araos. I am an Engineer, Developer and Entrepreneur. I have been hacking and creating apps for the last 10 years.

I wanted to create a community where people all around the world could connect with developers and designers anytime to create apps and hack stuff online, so I decided to work full-time and launch WeHack.it: the first website made to organize Hackathons, find developers and designers teammates to create quick projects, all in real-time.

Hackathons are a great way to create, learn, compete and win prizes. Also a good way to find amazing people to work with in startups.

By participating in some Hackathons, I got to know amazing people from all over the world. I loved this experience so much that I decided to take it to a virtual level. My goal is to keep spreading the word so more people join this culture of hacking to create new things.

I built the backbone of the site using RoR. A Node.js app is supporting the push notifications to a create real-time environment on chat, tasks and general updates on the site.

If you want to contribute to this project, please contact me at d@wehack.it, let’s make this dream come true :)

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